How to Build and Install a Cabinet Spice Rack

A spice rack.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
1x Pine Lumber
Sliding drawer glides
1 1/4 -inch screws
Wood glue
Wood shims

Installing a spice rack will help add more storage space to your already cramped kitchen. You can add a cabinet spice rack to your kitchen by simply converting one of the narrow cabinets in your kitchen. Building and installing a spice rack in a cabinet is well within the skill set of a regular do-it-yourselfer and is easily done in just a few hours.

Step 1 - Choose a Location

Select the cabinet that you want to replace with a spice rack. Keep in mind that the rack needs to slide in and out easily and not be too heavy. The cabinet you choose should be narrow rather than wide. Most kitchens have an odd cabinet that is too narrow for dishware storage and too deep for anything small.

Step 2 - Prepare Cabinet

Begin your conversion by taking the cabinet door off and removing the hinges. Remove any shelving and make sure there are two sides to the cabinet. Some cabinets will leave an open area on one side. If this is the case, then take the time to cut a piece of ¼-inch plywood and install it in the opening. Screw down small scraps of lumber to the top and bottom of the opening. Screw in the plywood to these small pieces of scrap wood.

Step 3 - Build Spice Rack

The spice rack is a basic rectangle that has the same dimensions as the cabinet. Measure the width, height, and depth of the cabinet and use these measurements for the spice rack. Subtract at least 3 inches from the depth measurement and ½-inch from both sides of the cabinet to make room for the drawer glides.

Using a table saw, cut the pine boards to the appropriate lengths. Subtract ½ inch from the top and bottom boards before cutting them to size. There should be four boards in total for the frame of the spice rack, one each for the front and back and one each for the top and bottom. Screw all boards together by screwing the top and bottom boards on the inside edge of the front and back.

Cut lengths of boards to act as shelves and screw them in from the front and backboards. Next, cut 2-inch wide strips to attach to both sides of each shelf. Apply sealant to the rack and finish in your desired stain.

Step 4 - Install Spice Rack

Locate the drawer slides on the bottom of the cabinet and screw in with included hardware. Line up the slide part onto the cabinet rack and attach it. Slide the spice rack into the cabinet. Line up the cabinet door and center it on the rack. Screw into the front of the spice rack.