Build Garage Shelves In 4 Steps

You can build garage shelves for your storage needs with a few materials and in a few hours during the weekend. Some of the tools you will need for this project are:

•    pencil
•    tape Measure
•    3ft. level
•    drill
•    mounting hardware (if not included)

Step 1 - Prepare Area and Take Measurements

Find the location where you want to build garage shelves and clean out the area and take your measurements with the tape measure. You should also layout your shelving plan with your pencil, using your level to keep everything straight, so you know the exact location of each shelf.

Step 2 - Purchase Materials

Take your measurements to the local hardware store or lumber yard and purchase your materials. If using wood, most lumber yards will cut the wood to size. Select hardwoods or 3/4 in. plywood for your shelves. If you are using pre-fabricated wire shelving or metal, then make sure the dimensions are what you need.

Other materials will include mounting brackets and galvanized screws (if not included). If you are mounting your shelves to cement block, concrete block, or drywall then special mounting hardware is then needed. Use two brackets per shelf unless over 5 ft in length, then use three.

Step 3: - Mount Brackets and Shelves

Using your pre-drawn plan for your shelves begin drilling pilot holes for the mounting hardware. Once those are installed to your satisfaction, then place shelves on them. If using wooden shelves measure in at least 5 inches for the mounting bracket.

Step 4 - Store Your Items

Now that you have built garage shelves put your items on and enjoy them!