Build Garden Windmills: 2 Creative Ideas

Interest in garden windmills has grown over the past several years as the sustainability movement has increased in momentum.  Garden windmills are not only attractive garden ornaments, but they can actually be functional as well.

Idea #1 – Natural Material Structures

A good part of the sustainability movement is about using natural materials that are sourced from environmentally sound resources.  This means that building a garden windmill out of recycled natural materials can actually be a good thing for the environment – your own personal environment and the environment at large.  You can find building materials that are harvested from natural fall wood products (rather than clear cut) and even amazing and interesting decorative features that are made of recycled paper products that work surprisingly well in the garden.

Idea #2 – Recycle Your Own Materials

With a serviceable set of tin snips and some imagination, it is possible to create your own recycled garden windmill.  If you have seen the movie Twister and remember the grandmother's garden sculptures, then you have an idea of the wild range of imaginative and creative forms a garden windmill can take.  You can collect aluminum cans and even plastic soda bottles and snip them into blades for your windmill and then attach them to a column that forms the foundation of your windmill.  You can even make your supporting column out of recycled materials from your own home and paint it decoratively to fit in well with your garden.


Garden Windmills can be functional or they can be whimsical and fun.  Put your imagination to work and soon you will have a garden windmill that will bring a smile to your face when you feel the wind blowing and a breeze against your face.