Build It Green: Your Eco-Friendly Tree House

If you are going to build your child a tree house, why not build it green? Building a green tree house has never been easier than it is today. Here are some ideas.

Recycle Materials from Garage or Classified

The best way to go about building a safe “green” tree house would be to use wood from items that are no longer needed or wanted. Check your garage for wood shelving that you no longer have a need for, or maybe an old table. If you do not have something like that lying around your home, you can check the classifieds. You will often find that people will give old furniture away for free, as long as you pick it up and rid them the hassle of throwing it out. You will need a lot of scrap wood to assure you can make your tree house safely.

Material Preparation

Once you have obtained enough scrap wood, you will need to take it all apart. Be watchful of rusty nails and rotten wood as both are not safe material for you eco-friendly tree house. After you have taken all of the shelves and tables that you accumulated apart, you will need to sand the pieces you plan to use down. This will help to protect you or your children from getting splinters.

Assemble Recycled Materials

Now here is the tricky part, you will have wood in various shapes and sizes so you will have to plan you assembly before you can get started. The largest pieces will obviously need to be used for the floor of the tree house. Once you get that up, you can concentrate on the walls. You can use screws and other hardware to make two smaller pieces, into one large piece. Once you have the house built it is time to decide on paint

Use Paints that Don't Release VOC's

Most paints release VOC’s, or Volatile Organic Compounds into the air while drying. These compounds are harmful to the environment as well as the air breathers. Since, all natural paint like milk or clay paint is not a suitable outdoor paint, you will have to search for low VOC paint. You can find these paints at most home improvement stores and even though they contain VOC’s they are still considered eco-friendly because of the lower concentration of the VOC’s. You may be happy with the natural wood look and only need to use a sealer of some sort, and again some sealers are made to be eco-friendly.

The Big Finish

Once you have built your green house or eco-friendly tree house, it is time to sit back and appreciate the work you have done. You have made your children a timeless gift, while recycling what was once clutter.