Build Patio Fountains In 5 Steps Build Patio Fountains In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Water tubing
Pebbles or stones in varying sizes
Large decorative pot
Smaller decorative pot or terra cotta pitcher
Medium pot that will fit upside down into the large pot
Small submersible pump
Caulking suitable for attaching the pots together
Hardware screening cut the size of the opening of the large pot.
Drill and concrete bit

Patio fountains can have a tranquil effect on your outdoor space. The sound of gently flowing water tends to put us in a calm state of mind. You can build a fountain out of almost any material. Building a patio or garden fountain is fairly easy and is outlined in the steps below.

This fountain is going to look like one pot is spilling into the other.  A slight tilt will be applied when placing the pots together.

Step 1 - Drilling

Drill five or six holes sporadically around  the medium pot that fits into the large pot. Drill one hole large enough for the water tube to go through in the side of the small pot or pitcher that will be angled downward. Any drain holes in the large pot should be filled leaving a small space for the cord to the pump to exit.  The space will need to be leak free.

Step 2 - Fit It Together

Place the pump in the bottom of the large pot. Cover the large pot with the upside down medium pot and guide the tubing through the hole in the center.  Test the water flow on your pump to make sure it is how you want it prior to attaching the small pot on top. Place the hardware screen on top of the over turned medium pot. Attach the small pot with the caulking to the side of the large pot. Fit the water tubing through the hole in the small pot.

Step 3 Adorn It

The hardware screen is going to be the shelf for the rocks that will make the fountain have its bubbling sound. Place river rock size stones all over the screen covering it completely. The rocks will have spaces in them allowing for the water to flow through into the lower pots.

Step 4 Adding The Water

Add water to your pot until it is about half full. Make sure that the holes you drained into the medium pot are draining into the pump area. Turn the pump on and the pump should take the water from the base of the fountain up through the hosing into the smaller pot.    

Step 5 Watch and Listen

When the fountain is operating correctly you should see water pouring from the small pot on top into the rocks that are lying on top of the large pot. The water will flow through the rocks and into the bottom of the pot. It will re-circulate consistently with help from the pump. Refill the water as needed due to evaporation and splashing.

Make sure to place your fountain where you want it before you place it together. It will be too heavy to move once completed.

With knowledge of how pumps work and the know how of fitting objects together in different ways. You will be able to create many different types of fountains made from different materials. Your outdoor patio fountain can be a place for you to rest beside after a long day or just listen to while you garden.   All that you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the sound of water splashing on rocks.

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