Build Your Own Chimney Top

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Stainless steel sheet metal
Sheet metal scribe
Metal shears
2x4 inch board
100 grit sandpaper
Screw gun
Masonry hammer drill and 1/4 masonry drill bit
2 inch long masonry screws

You’ve just completed your chimney and you want to create a chimney top to protect it from birds and the weather. Or maybe you just want to give your chimney a finished look. Creating your own chimney top doesn’t need to be difficult. Just follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Measure the height, width, and length of the outer dimensions of the chimney. Using your scribe and a ruler, draw out a rectangle using the width and length you measured earlier. Add a 1-inch overlap at the end. Cut out the rectangle using metal shears.

Step 2: Shape Metal

Shape the metal by taking a 2x4 and lining it up with one of your lines. Bend the metal to a 90-degree angle that is shaped with the corner of your chimney. Repeat for all four corners. At this point, you'll have a square that fits over the top of your chimney, plus a 1-inch overlap. Using the 2x4, bend the overlap to join the final corner.

In a 3x3-inch checkerboard pattern, measure out 1x1-inch squares with 1/4 inch between each square on the top of your box.
Cut the squares out using metal shears. Smooth out the edges with sandpaper.

Step 3: Create a Cover

To create a cover for your chimney top, cut a 12-inch square from your sheet metal. Cut a line in the circle from the edge to the middle. Using pressure in the middle of the circle, bend each side until the circle forms a cone. Secure the cone to the chimney top by using your screw gun to screw it to each side.

Fit your chimney top over your chimney and drill holes in it where your chimney holes are on the chimney. Secure the chimney top by screwing 4 masonry screws into the holes you drilled.

    As with any chimney work, you’ll want to check with local fire regulations before you begin any work to make sure your chimney continues to stay within code. So just follow these easy steps, and you’ll have a finished-looking chimney that breathes easily.