Build Your Own Diamond-Shaped Wine Rack

What You'll Need
Wooden cube, 10 inches deep
Wood board to match the cube, 10 inches wide
Tape measure
Tack cloth
Paint or stain

A diamond wine rack makes a lovely accent in a room, as well as being an excellent way to store bottles of wine. A diamond wine rack is classy enough to display in your living room or kitchen, with the added advantage that it keeps the wine handy for when you want to drink it. It’s quite easy to make a diamond wine rack. It only takes a few tools and some basic knowledge of carpentry.

Step 1 - Measuring

Start by measuring the inside opening of the wooden cube across the diagonal. Now, mark out two pieces on your wood, each of them being 1 inch less than the length that you’ve measured on the cube.

Cut the pieces of wood to length and use sandpaper on the edges to smooth them. Start with rough grit sandpaper and finish by using a much finer grit. Use sandpaper on the flat sides of both boards and also on the wooden cube. Remove all the sandpaper with a tack cloth.

Step 2 - Painting

It will be much easier if you paint or stain the diamond wine rack at this stage. If you’re painting, you’ll need to apply at least two coats, giving them ample time to dry. Paint the boards as well. If you decide to use a stain, paint it onto the wood, then remove the excess with a clean cloth after five minutes. Allow it to dry for two hours.

Step 3 - Making the Diamond

Now you have all the pieces, you need to make the diamond for your diamond wine rack. To begin, measure the depth of your two boards. It should be either ½ inch or ¾ inch deep.

On the 10 inch side of each board, mark a spot at 5 inches. If your board is ½ inch wide, mark a spot ¼ inch either side of the 5 inch mark and draw a line upwards from these two marks for a distance of 5 inches, then join the two lines together. This will give you a rectangle that is 5 inches by ½ inch in size. Repeat on the other board. Take your jigsaw and cut out this rectangle on each board, making sure that the edges are clean and sharp.

Step 4 - Fitting the Diamond

Put the two pieces of board together, one above the other, so that the rectangles you’ve removed are facing, but are at 90 degrees to each other. Push down on the top piece. It should slide over the lower piece. Keep pushing until the top piece is all the way down and the two pieces make an “X” shape.

Now, slide this into the wooden cube, so that the boards make an “X” inside the cube. You now have your diamond wine rack, which is ready to use.