Build Your Own Microwave Cart

Lead Image for Build Your Own Microwave Cart
What You'll Need
Drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits
Tape measure
Hand saw
Wood glue
Wood screws
Drawer runners (optional)
4 Legs, 4"x4"x3'
Locking wheel casters
Tack cloth

You need a microwave cart but you don't want to go out and buy one ready-made. You have unique requirements and a preferred color scheme and wish to show your handy work. It is not difficult, and with the right tools, you can create your own microwave card with a few materials.

Design Microwave Cart

Know what size microwave you wish to place on the cart. There are different sizes and weights of microwaves, and it is best to get exactly the size you need. Determine if you wish to have storage for your microwave dishes, potholders, and towels, or other necessaries. Draw your plans to scale using graph paper and figure out the sizes of wood legs and surfaces you will want. Visit your local home store and give an employee your dimensions and they will cut all your wood to size for you.

Prepare the Materials

Cut notches in the edges of the plywood and legs to make a tongue and groove assembly to strengthen the structure. Sand down all the edges of the wood. Using different degrees of sandpaper grit, make the surface as smooth as possible to reduce the occurrence of splintering. Use a tack cloth to remove the sanded dust from the surfaces. Before putting the pieces of wood together, stain them per the manufacturer's instructions. Allow all the pieces to dry. Drill pilot holes for screws to ensure that the wood does not split during assembly.

Assemble the Cart

Attach the base of the cart to the legs you have chosen. Put wood glue on the wood and then attach the pieces together using wood screws and the drill. After you have the base set, attach the top wood shelf that will hold the microwave. Attach cross braces between the top shelf and the base to enhance the sturdiness.

Assemble Drawers

If you have chosen to install drawers into your microwave cart, assemble the drawers and insert drawer runners on the sides. Install the drawer slots into the microwave cart and insert the runners on the sides to fit the drawers. Insert drawers into the assembly. For each shelf, you wish to install, follow the same routine as with the base and the microwave shelf.


When you have your microwave cart assembled completely, turn it upside down and install the rolling casters on the bottom of the legs using wood screws and washers to hold them in place, lock all the casters, and upright the cart. Check all the wood joints and wipe off any excess glue that may have come out during the building process. Wait at least 24 hours to ensure that all glue joints are well dry before putting microwave on top. Test the drawers and make sure they move freely along their runners and attempt to wobble the cart to check for stability.