Build Your Own Patio Swing Build Your Own Patio Swing

A patio swing is the best place to relax after a hard day's do-it-yourself project. What could be more satisfying that relaxing on a patio swing you have made yourself? By following these simple steps, you could soon be relaxing in yours.

 Step 1 - Plan

Choose a plan that will suit the size and style of your patio. The simplest design to make is a seat frame to cover with slats. The chain will be suspended through holes in the seat and arm rests, and suspended from a sturdy frame. You need to calculate at this point how much weight (including the seat) you will be able to support with the frame you design.

Step 2 - Choose Your Materials and Select Your Tools

Redwood is the best lumber available for this task, because it is hardy and requires minimal maintenance. Before starting a job like this, lay out all of the tools you will need. There is nothing more irritating than an emergency trip to the hardware store half-way through a task.

Step 3 - Keep the Construction Simple

Use simple bolts where possible to join parts of the seat frame together. The more complicated you make a joint, the more likely it is to go wrong.

Step 4 - Hang the Patio Swing

Thread the chain through the holes in the seat frame and arm rests. Then thread the chain through the holes so the seat is ready to be hung. Ideally, the seat should be hung at least 2ft from the ground.

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