Build Your Own Toddler Canopy Bed

What You'll Need
(4) 8-foot long boards, 2x4 inches
(2) 8-foot long boards, 2x8 inches
(2) 1/2-inch-sized deck screws
(1) 4x4-foot, 1/2-inch piece of plywood, or three 2x4-foot, 1/2 inch pieces plywood
(20) 3/8-inch wood plugs
Some wood filer
Your favorite stain

Yes, you can build your own toddler canopy bed, with just a few basic instructions.

Step 1: Create four boards

Saw the 2x8-inch boards into a pair of 28-inch boards, and another pair of 55 ½-inch boards.

Step 2: Connect your boards

Utilizing 1 and 1/2 inch deck screws, connect the two 55 1/2-inch boards to the pair of 28-inch boards. This is the part where you create the bed's frame. On the outside, however, is where the longer boards should be placed.

Step 3: Sand edges

Take your sandpaper and apply this to the toddler bed’s frame edges.

Step 4: Saw 2x4-inch Boards

Now, it is time to divide your 2x4-inch boards into a quartet of 28-inch planks and then attach them to the frame using screws. Do this by screwing them directly in the back of the 28-inch boards to create the frame’s head and foot. Next, attach with screws the two remaining 28-inch boards in such a way that there is 18 inches between them. Be sure these boards are flush with the frame bottom. If you like, keep the screw holes from being visible by drilling a hole big enough to fit a 3/8-inch wooden plug. Once these supports are secured, put the plugs in to create the appearance of being finished, and apply wood filler to obscure gaps.

Step 5: Top Off the Frame

Put the three 2x4-foot panels from one end to the other, or put down the 4x4-foot plywood piece atop the frame. Use 1/2-inch thick plywood, which you can rest atop your 2x4-inch board. Attach the plywood to the 2x4-inch boards using screws, and do this section from the inside, thus leaving no screw holes.

Step 6: Form the Legs

You can form the bed legs with your 2x4-inch boards. Each of these legs should be 27 3/4 inches long, with two 20 ½ inches long. Smooth these legs out by sanding them.

Step 7: Attach Legs to Bed

The legs can now be connected to the toddler bed’s outside corners, with the longest two at the bed’s head, and attach to the foot the smaller two. Once again, use wood plugs to hide screws.

Step 8: Cut Three Boards

Cut the three boards after measuring the two legs’ insides so that they also match this measurement. The final length should be 31 7/7-inches long. After sanding, screw them into the bed’s head and foot, and hide with wood plugs the screw heads. A length of 2 1/4 inches down from the top toddle bed’s front legs is sufficient for the first head board, while the second head board down from the top should measure 8 1/4 inches. The connection of foot board should be such that it sits about an inch below to upper sections of the toddler bed’s back legs. Screws can then be obscured utilizing wooden plugs.

Step 9: Stain the Bed

Lastly, use stain to finish the bed, and once you’ve done so, add a polyurethane coat. After that, place a mattress made to fit a toddler's bed, inside the finished product.