Create a Pond or Water Garden Using a Pre-Formed Mold Create a Pond or Water Garden Using a Pre-Formed Mold

A pre-formed rigid liner may be the answer for your landscaping needs if you've decided you only want a small water garden. These can be purchased in a kit that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and usually includes the pump.

You may need to purchase some sand to use as backfill after you’ve dug your hole, or if you have fine, sandy soil, it will work just as well. Other preparation materials you will need are some cane sticks, a garden hose and some white sand.

Installing the Pond Liner

1. The first step is to place your liner on the ground where your water garden or pond will be. After you get it lined out where you want it, begin placing the cane sticks in the ground around the shape of the liner. Once your sticks are placed around the shape of the liner, place the garden hose around the cane sticks and form it to the shape of your liner. Use the white sand to outline around the garden hose so when you remove the cane sticks and the garden hose, you have a nice white outline to guide in digging the pattern.

2. Begin digging, making sure you follow the outline and your hole is deep enough for the liner to fit in. Keep a check on your depth and try to allow for some shelf room if your liner has a shelf around the edge.

3. Place the liner inside the hole and match the shape up. Make sure your liner is level and notice any spots underneath that will need soil or sand filled in.

4. Use your sand or excess soil to backfill the hole underneath and around the liner. This will form a snug fit for your liner. Using damp sand will be easier to work with and will form a snugger fit. If you have stony soil, you can dig your hole a little deeper than needed and add a layer of sand in the bottom to prevent damaging the liner.

5. After your liner is set snug inside the hole and all the backfill has been done, make sure it's level. Fill your liner with fresh water. Check it often to make sure it remains level and hasn’t shifted.

6. Once your pond is full of water you can begin adding your landscaping stones and details. You will want to let the pond sit for a few days before adding any plants.

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