2 Ways to Make Your Yard a Bird Haven 2 Ways to Make Your Yard a Bird Haven

What You'll Need
4, 8” terra cotta pots
15” terra cotta saucer
Smaller terra cotta pot
Smaller terra cotta saucer
Interior/exterior construction adhesive
2 cans of spray paint (color of your choice)
Paint (color of your choice)
2 cans of polyurethane spray
Glass cutting drill bit
Empty wine bottle(s)
Spray water bottle
Saucer sightly larger than the base of the bottle
Bird seeds such as sunflower chips or safflower
Cork or stopper for top of bottle
8-gauge copper wire

Birdwatching can be an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. There are approximately 2,000 known bird species in North America. While each region of the country has different species that are more likely to grace your yard, there is one constant: all of these animals are fascinating to observe.

If you love birdwatching or even if you just love nature in general, you are probably wondering how to attract more of these critters to your yard. Luckily, there are many ways to increase the presence of these flying creatures in your space. Keep reading to learn simple and fun ways to turn your landscape into a bird haven that will leave many birds, perching, bathing, and chirping in your yard.

1. Make a Bird Bath

A bird bath made of tera cotta pots spray painted blue.

Image via We Made That.

Because birds always need a fresh supply of clean water for drinking and bathing, putting a bird bath in your yard is a great way to attract these animals. This DIY flower pot bird bath is not only a great way to get birds splashing around your yard, but it's a fun project that the whole family can get involved with!

Step 1

Glue the 8-inch pots together, rotating the way that they are facing. Start from the bottom, turning the pot upside down so that the opening is facing the ground. Then, glue the next pot on top of that one so that the bottom sits on the upward facing bottom of the first pot. Continue for the remaining two.

Step 2

Once the glue is dry, spray paint the pots (including both saucers and the smaller pot) with the color of your choosing until it is completed coated.

Step 3

Once the spray paint is dry, elevate the structure by resting it on something like a paint can. With the base of the bath in this position, paint all of the pieces, using the colors and design of your choosing. This is your chance to get creative or even get the kids involved!

Step 4

After letting the paint dry overnight, place the stake through the hole in the center of the base and cut it so that it is no taller than the structure. This will be used to steady the birdbath and secure it to the ground so that it's not knocked over by heavy winds.

Step 5

Now, glue the saucer to the top of the base. On top of that, glue the smaller pot—opening side down, wherever you choose on the saucer. You can either plop it in the center or off to one side. Finally, glue the smaller saucer onto that pot. Let the glue dry.

Step 6

Spray the bath with several coats of polyurethane spray to finish it.

Stake the birdbath in your desired location, and fill the saucers with hose water. All that’s left to do is to watch birds flock to the bath and splash around!

2. Make a Bird Feeder

A trio of bird feeders made from wine bottles.

Image via The Garden Roof Coop.

Besides water, the other most obvious thing that's going to attract birds to your yard is food. Of course, they are always on the hunt for something delicious to graze on in an inviting environment. Follow the instructions below to create a bird feeder out of used wine bottles.

Step 1

Start by using a ½” diameter glass cutting drill bit to create holes towards the bottom of an empty wine bottle (one on each side). The seeds will be dispersed out of this. The drill bit needs water to stay lubricated during drilling, so have a helper spritz the bottle during drilling.

Step 2

Turn the drill on and move it towards the bottle at a 45 degree angle. Rather than applying pressure in an effort to quickly create the hole, slowly move the drill to a 90 degree angle, letting it chip away at the glass. If you go too fast, the glass will shatter (make sure to wear protective goggles during this project!).

Step 3

Stop as needed to clean the the bottle off, but continue spraying the drill bit with water. This is a slow process and at no point should you push the drill through the bottle.

Step 4

Once the holes are done, use the epoxy to adhere the saucer to the bottom of the bottle. This makes a great perch for the birds as they feed from your bottle.

Step 5

Fill the bottle with the seeds or food of your choice, ensuring that the pieces are small enough to fit through the holes you made.

Step 6

If you choose to hang your feeder, place the stopper in the bottle, wrap the copper wire around the mouth, and attach it to a wire hanger that can be placed on a tree branch. Alternatively, you can place the bottle on a flat surface like a deck railing.

Now, just wait for birds to begin feeding. You may want to have your camera ready, because we bet some beautiful creatures show up to graze on the seeds, and you may want to capture the moment!

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