Builder-Grade Materials

Builder-grade materials are a classification of building materials in the construction industry. Builder-grade are average quality materials often used in production, such as kitchen cabinets or other pre-built, mass-produced furniture.

Builder-Grade Rating

Builder-grade is the lowest rated of the grades of materials used in construction. The grades are as follows: builder-grade, quality-grade, custom-grade and ultra custom-grade.

Builder-grade cabinets, for example, would often be made of particle board with plywood backing, and the doors of the builder-grade cabinets might be particle board with a wood or plastic veneer.

Builder-grade is less apt to last as long as quality or custom grade products. In overall construction, builder-grade means the most simple and bare-bones materials, including everything – paint, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, roof shingle composition, adhesives, etc.

In construction, the term builder-grade is a phrase meant to make inexpensive materials sound more desirable. Builder-grade materials, in actual usage in construction, are more or less a well-known euphemism for the least expensive materials currently available on the market.