Building a Backyard Obstacle Course for Your Kids

What You'll Need
Garden Hose
Lawn Chairs
Soccer Ball
Wading Pool
Hula Hoops
Large Boxes

Backyard Obstacle Courses are great tools for exercise, and can be made to fit your space and checkbook. Whether your kids are 4 or 14, obstacles courses are a great outlet for competition and a fun way to keep fit. The number of obstacles and their placement will vary, depending on the size of your backyard.

Step 1 – Look Around Your House

Before heading to the home supply store, see what you have around the house for excellent obstacle course objects. The list above is just a suggestion; if you have something that you think would be a great addition, don’t hesitate to include it.

Step 2 – Take a Trip to the Junkyard

If you’re serious about making a military-grade obstacle course, you’ll need a trip to a junkyard. You might be able to find tires to replace your hula-hoops in order to create a more strenuous beginning, or large sections of pipe to crawl through instead of under lawn chairs. This would also make the obstacle course more accessible for bigger kids.

Step 3 – Layout Your Backyard

Now that you’ve collected the materials for your obstacle course, figure out the location of each obstacle. Keep space in mind, as you want to protect racing kids from collisions.

Step 4 – Hula-Hoops

For your first event, set out lines of hula-hoops to hop through. Lay some of the hula-hoops farther apart for a greater challenge. You can throw out a twisted garden hose for the same effect

 Step 5 – Crawling

Arrange large boxes or lawn chairs tall enough to be crawled under after the first set of obstacles. In order to get past this obstacle, you can’t knock anything over while crawling. Alternatively, you can use this obstacle with a soccer ball. You have to kick the ball under the chairs or through the boxes without making the structure collapse.

Step 6 - Limbo

Set up a boom box to limbo to. Set up a broomstick at a level that is possible, but not easy, for the average height of those running your obstacle course.

Step 7 – Wading Pool Apple Bobbing

Fill up a wading pool with water, and toss in a few apples. Once your children have made it through the limbo obstacle, have them bob for apples. Toss in a blindfold for a tougher event.

 Step 8 – Potato Sack Race

Set up garbage bags or potato sacks at the end of the race, for laps around the course. Have fun!