Building a Backyard Patio Roof

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Wood Stakes
Cement Mix
Galvanized Bolts and Supports
2x8 Treated Wood Planks
2x12 Treated Wood Planks
Treated Wooden Support Posts
Wooden Screws
Treated Plywood
Roofing Material (wooden shingles or metal sheeting)

Adding a patio roof to your backyard provides your family and friends with shade and protection. Providing coverage during your barbecues will make for more comfortable parties, and can protect your patio furniture from the elements. Cosmetic decision, like the material and style can be left to your own imagination, but follow this general guide for instructions on building a patio roof.


Step 1 – Building Codes

Check building codes for your area before deciding to add a patio roof to your house. Some housing associations don’t allow permanent structures to be added to your home, and the depth of the posts needed may obstruct piping to your house. By researching your local codes, you prevent unnecessary litigation.

Step 2 – Measure the Area You Plan to Cover

Sheeting for a metal roof or shingles for a wooden roof are sold in numerous shapes and sizes, so measure your patio in advance. When you visit a home supply store, a sales associate can help you calculate how much material you’ll need to cover your patio.

Step 3 – Buy the Posts Needed to Support Your Roof

Dig holes every eight feet in order to mark the locations for your support posts. After counting the number of support posts needed to hold up your structure, visit the home supply store for treated wooden posts.

Step 4 – Secure You Support Posts

Use a level when installing the posts to ensure that they are perpendicular to the ground. Then brace the posts in this position with wooden stakes in their holes, and add quick-drying cement that has been prepared per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5 – Complete Your Frame

You’ll need two people to complete this project from this point on. When the cement is dry, attach the 2x8 treated wood to the support posts, with 2x12 treated wood creating the cross support, which braces the frame. If your patio is narrower than 12 feet, cut the plank; if your patio is longer, use another line of posts.

Step 6 – Add a Roof to Your Structure

Attach treated plywood sheets to the frame in order to strengthen and cover your patio more completely. Start from a corner and work your way to the other side. Finally, affix your roofing material, whether wooden shingles or metal sheeting, to the plywood sheet with wood screws.

Metal sheeting is available in a number of colors, like copper, silver and gold, and textures to match your patio design. Wooden shingles are best for a patio in a hot region, as metal sheeting can cause the patio to become even hotter. Continue covering the roof until it is completely topped.