Building a Ball Pit for Your Children's Play Area

What You'll Need
Colored Balls
Circle Saw
Resistant Glue
Post Padding

Building a ball pit for your children’s play area may not be the cheapest project, but it’ll definitely be one of the most enjoyable! Depending on the size you build your ball pit, it could also be a relaxing area for you. Let your inner child and imagination come out and stop spending time driving the children to the nearest entertainment park because they’ll never want to leave your house again.

Step 1 - Build the Fence

You’ll be building a fence to hold in colored balls. Use the circle saw to cut wood into rectangles measuring 8x2 inches. Cut 21 rectangles in total. You and your children can decide to paint the wood however you would like. Cut smaller rectangular pieces of wood measuring 2½x1 inch. These pieces will join the longer planks.

Now start building the fence. Form a square with the biggest planks, placing 5 of them vertically side-by-side. Nail 2 of the planks together by placing 1 of the smaller pieces of wood horizontally across them, set 1 inch in. Do so for the rest of the planks. This will be the backside of the ball pit.

Repeat the process to join 8 long planks together for 1 of the sides and another 8 planks for the other side. Attach the 3 walls to make a cube-shaped area with 1 open side for the entrance and an open top. Use shorter nails so that they don’t stick out of the wood.

Step 2 - Protect the Fence

Paste the post padding to each of the inside pieces of wood from the top to the bottom. Don’t leave any exposed wood without this protection. Even the little rectangular pieces of wood you used to join the fences need to be covered with the padding.

Step 3 - Make a Ball Carpet

To avoid accidents while your kids are playing inside the ball pit, you’ll make a carpet of colored balls, which will act as flooring. Glue the colored balls horizontally until they fit perfectly in the ball pit area. This way, your children will always be above the colored balls instead of the pavement. You can also install another soft base such as a carpet before you place the your ball flooring.

Step 4 - Close the Dome

The mesh will create the roof and cover the entranceway. Nail the edges of the mesh to the top of the fence so that it gives the play place a dome shape. The mesh should also be nailed to the sides of the entranceway. Cut an arc into the mesh big enough for the children to fit through.

Step 5 - Fill the Area

Have fun while you fill the ball pit area, throwing the colored balls inside. Remember not to overfill the capsule, and leave space so that your children can move around. Now, your children are ready to have lots of fun in this ball pit.