Building a Bar Stool

This bar stool is simple to construct using hand tools. It has a backless seat that makes it easy to tuck under the counter or breakfast bar when not in use. This wooden bar stool will make a useful addition to any home bar, kitchen or entertaining area and the choice of finish is up to you.

Wood Required
1 x 13ft 9in length of 3-5/10in x 7/10in
1 x 5ft 10in length of 2-8/10in x 7/10in
1 x 5ft 10in length of 1-6/10in x 7/10in

The Legs (1)
Use a protractor to set your sliding bevel to 85 degrees and mark a 5-degree angle on the 3-5/10in x 7/10in length of wood. Cut along the angle with a saw. Repeat this 2ft 0-8/10in along the timber to get your first stool leg. Then draw a pencil line from 1-8/10in across the bottom to 1ft 3-7/10in up the inside edge and cut along the line to taper the leg. Smooth the edges using a plane. Repeat this whole process three times to get your four legs.

The Top and Bottom Spreaders (2 and 3)
Cut 2 x 1ft 0-4/10in lengths of the 1-6/10in x 7/10in wood to make the bottom spreaders. Using the sliding bevel cut a 5-degree angle at each end of the bottom spreaders. Then cut 2 x 9-1/10in lengths of the 2-8/10in x 7/10in wood to make the top spreaders.

Take one pair of legs and place them on the table. Mark 7/10in in from the outside edge at the top of the legs and 7/10in in 5-9/10 up from the bottom. Glue the top and bottom spreaders to the legs at these points and secure with screws. Be sure to leave the 7/10in gaps for the top and bottom rails.

The Top and Bottom Rails (4 and 5)
For the top rails cut 2 x 1ft 2-2/10in lengths from the 2-8/10in x 7/10in wood. For the bottom rails cut 2 x 1ft 2-2/10in from the 1-6/10in x 7/10in wood. Secure the rails to the legs using glue and nails and with screws from the legs into the end of each rail.

The Corner Blocks (6)
To make the corner blocks cut 4 x 3-9/10in lengths from the 2-8/10in x 7/10in wood. Make 45 degree miter cuts at the ends. Then screw a block in each of the top corners of the spreaders and rails.

The Seat (7)
Cut 3 x 1ft 5-7/10in slats from the remaining 3-5/10in x 7/10in length. Cut a small 45-degree triangle off each outside corner to smooth them off. Fix the slats to the stool frame with glue and nails, positioning the center slat first.

The Finish
To fill the screw holes, glue in dowelling and cut it so it sits flush with the wood. Once the glue is dry, sand the stool to a satisfactory finish and then apply a protective coating of your choice.