Building A Barn Garage Building A Barn Garage

Building a barn garage is not nearly as difficult as you may imagine and will create extra space for storage needs and hobbies. The following guide takes you through the steps.

Step #1: The Planning Phase

The first phase in this process is the planning phase. What are you going to use your brand new garage barn for? This is going to help you determine what kind of planning and preparation work needs to be done before you actually go about the building process, so do not pass up this opportunity to really plan out what you intend on accomplishing here.

Step #2: Choose a Location

Now you are going to want to choose the right location for your garage barn. If you have a really large piece of property, then choosing the right location is vitally important. Lay out the possible location options, keeping different things in mind such as how you are going to get utilities to reach your barn and where you can put your barn that it will not be out of place or be considered to be an eye sore. Even if you do not plan on selling your land, you should always consider resale value.

Step #3: Create Drawings

Now you are going to want to create some drawings to go with your plans for a barn garage. Verbal descriptions are very rarely enough, especially if you are working with help such as a contractor, a plumber or a builder for example. Find someone who can draw up some plans for you or find a way to draw them up yourself. The more specific that you are, the better off you will be in the grand scheme of things. When there are well laid plans in place, things have a much better likelihood of working themselves out.

Step #4: Structure Considerations

Now you are going to want to consider structure. The purpose of building something like this is going to be to make sure that it sticks around for a while, so keep structural elements in mind. Are there flooding risks, a risk of shifting ground, wind, storms or other things to worry about? These are all considerations that need to be made when you are planning out the structural integrity of your barn garage.

Step #5: Material and Design Choices

In addition to construction this project requires a number of aesthetic decisions that will determine the finished look of your barn garage. These include roofing, paints and stains, brick, rock, wood, stucco, vinyl, hard planks and steel. These decisions should be made together as part of a well thought out design.

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