Building A Bathtub With A Door

a bathtub with a walk-in door
What You'll Need
Tub with door
Carpenters tools
Plumbers tools

To make your bathroom more accessible for a disabled or elderly person, consider adding a bathtub with a door. The door seals tightly, preventing water from spilling out, while still allowing easy movement and a safer method for entering the tub. Though existing bathtubs can be modified, the process is far more difficult than installing a new customized bathtub.

Step 1 - Remove Existing Tub

Before putting a new bathtub in, you have to take the old one out. If possible, take the old tub out in one piece and recycle it rather than send it to the landfill. Should you be unable to remove the tub entirely, use a sledgehammer to break it into pieces that can be moved more easily.

On a cosmetic level, tear out the wall tiles to the level of your bathtub. This lets you put the bathtub flush against the wall. If you have a freestanding bathtub, refinish the tile on the entire wall.

Step 2 - Measure the Space

Find out what size of tub you’ll need to replace your old one. You may consider rebuilding the wall for a bigger tub.

Step 3 - Check Your Plumbing

First, turn off your plumbing. This prevents any unnecessary leakage during the installation. Also, make sure that you reroute your plumbing to match your bathtub. Keep in mind accessories like jets, as these can necessitate new plumbing.

Step 4 - Install Tub

Before connecting any pipes to the bathtub, pour water into the tub to check for any problems with damage to the tub. When installing your tub, ensure that your plumbing lines up right. Also, use a level to make sure all the plumbing is flat. Install the tub and fixtures and connect your drain. Turn the water flow back on to check for leaks and tighten everything.

Step 5 - Clean Mess

Clean the bathroom when you’re finished and fix all damage. Repair drywall, broken tiles and flooring.

Step 6 - Fill and Drain

After connecting your tub, you have to make sure that the bathtub really works. Fill the tub and test your accessories, like jets and showerheads.