Building a Brick Patio Fire Pit: Mistakes to Avoid

Patio fire pits can be wonderful socializing spaces for summer months and great areas of interest for a backyard. Before beginning it is important to consider a few things that might have been overlooked.

City Ordinances: Be sure to check city and county regulations regarding how many feet from a residential structure, safety requirements, or sizing issues. In most cases any regulations or permits are simple to acquire and comply with.

Wind: It is important to consider the direction the wind is most likely to come from when placing the location. Orient the pit so that the ashes are not scattered all over when the pit isn't in use and the embers are not blown when it is active. Seating should also be arranged so that smoke won't blow directly at people if possible.

Longevity: Many materials might seem to expensive in the long run, however, the time line of the project must be considered. The fire pit will be out in the elements year round and a permanent structure for years to come. Do not be so thrifty that things will need to be replaced quickly and cause more energy and money later.  Making the initial investment will pay off in the long run.