Building a Butcher Block Island: Mistakes to Avoid

A butcher block island is a useful addition in your kitchen. If you have the space available, it can come to be very handy. It is easy to build one yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid mistakes in the process.

Mistake: Not Using Brackets

A butcher block island will be used for chopping and cutting food and there will be pressure on the block so it should be able to sustain heavy weights. Use brackets and do not solely rely on wood glue to get the best results.

Mistake: Not Sanding the Wood

If you do not sand the wood in advance, you will have uneven surfaces or rough edges. Make sure you sand the surface to get a better looking butcher block.

Mistake: Painting at the End

If you choose to paint your butcher block island, you should paint each piece. Painting once you are done with the assembly will not enable you to get all of the areas well painted and can make the block look sloppy.

Mistake: Not Applying Sealer

If you do not apply sealer, you will be reduce the block's resistance against scratches. In the end, you will reduce its longevity and appeal. Apply a sealer for shine and resiliency.