Building a Captain's Bed Building a Captain's Bed

A Captain’s Bed is a multipurpose bed. The frame of the bed is shallow and a mattress placed on top of it can make a perfect bed. It can be converted into a sofa and positioned against the wall with the drawers and cupboards which serve for the purpose of storage if not for sleep. Make your own captain bed at home following the simple instructions below.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Power drill
  • 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch diameter drill bit
  • Mortise and tenon jigs
  • Carpenter's glue
  • Carpenter's try square
  • Belt sander
  • Coarse, medium, fine and extra fine sanding belts
  • Clear acrylic wood treatment
  • One plywood sheet of 4 by 8 feet by 1 inch
  • Two plywood sheets of 48 by 36 by 1 inch
  • Posts of 4 by 4 by 36inch
  • Eight plywood sheets of 30 by 22 by 1/2 inch
  • Four stock lumber lengths of 2 by 4 inch by 8 feet
  • Four stock lumber lengths of 2 by 4 inch by 4 feet
  • Three stock lumber lengths of 2 by 4 by 44 inch
  • Six stock lumber lengths of 2 by 4 by 28 inch
  • Wood screws
  • Piano hinge kits
  • Miter fence
  • Table saw
  • Safety equipment

Step 1 - Prepare Yourself

It is important to wear safety equipment while working with power tools. It is advisable to have some knowledge in woodworking or be skilled in using these tools for your own safety.

Step 2 - Start Working

After taking due precautions cut all the edges of both, the stock lumber and the sheets of plywood with a table saw and miter fence at a 90 degree angle. After you are done, use a try square to check. Then take a stock lumber of 2 by 4 inch by 8 feet length and using the same saw, slice tenons on the ends of it. In the same way on the stock lumber lengths of 2 by 4 inch by 4 feet, slice mortises of the same size and shape into the sides of the ends. Next, the tenons need to be fitted into the mortises. This is done using the carpenter’s glue. Take some glue and spread it neatly within the mortises and on the outer surface of the tenons. After inserting, press on the tenons and mortises together so that you have identical frames for the top and the base.

Step 3- Attach Posts

Take 4 by 4 by 36 inch posts and position them on the corners of the frame. Using the drill, drill two 1/4 inch holes. This is to be done using a 1/4 inch diameter drill bit. The hole that you drill will pass through the elongated parts of the frame that is 2 by 4 inch into the posts that are 4 by 4 inch. The holes need to be drilled one inch horizontally at all ends and the holes that you drill vertically need to be two inches apart. Using wood screws, attach the posts. Flip the frame and posts and repeat the procedure for placing the remaining posts at their marked positions.

Step 4 - Bed Board

Make rabbet cuts inside all ends of the supports of the bed board. Lay the rabbet cuts between all the posts and screw them. Take 48 by 36 by 1 inch sheets of plywood and attach them to the bed frame corners. Put the board of the bed on the frame and drill holes of a diameter of 1/8 inch through the plywood and ends of the board of the bed. Using a belt sander and the different belts, sand the frame of the bed and remaining plywood sheets. Use the piano hinge kit to connect the doors.

Step 5 - Wood Treatment

For the wood treatment, apply coats of clear acrylic and give it a day to dry. Attach drawer and cupboard pulls once dry.




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