Building a Carport: What Foundation Is Needed?

Car storage can take a number of different forms, with building a carport being just one of the options. As part of this process, it will be necessary to know the best type of foundation to use for a long-lasting carport.


When building a carport, you need to consider whether it will be freestanding or attached to the property to determine what foundation is required. You may find that the foundation will be an extension of the existing property. The existing foundation will be a consideration.


The manner in which the carport will be used will dictate what foundation is necessary. For example, if you intend to store several vehicles or heavy plant, the foundation will need to be sufficiently reinforced to support all the weight. The more regularly the carport is used, the more solid the foundation must be to ensure that the natural surface does not wear away.


Concrete will usually be the nest material to use for the foundation when building a carport. This will often provide the support required, however, where more is required, the concrete can often be inlaid with steel rods to strengthen it. This will allow you to create a level surface that is easy to maintain.