Building a Child's Indoor Trampoline with a Handle

What You'll Need
Childs indoor trampoline kit
Instruction manual
Socket wrench

An indoor trampoline is much smaller than one you would find in your backyard. A children’s indoor trampoline is even smaller, and has handles on both sides (if square or rectangular) or around it (if circular). The indoor trampoline is perfect for children, as it is safe while still being fun and providing exercise for the kids. In addition, the indoor trampoline can be transitioned from a children’s trampoline to a standard one by removing the handles. The indoor trampoline still needs to be built and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Unbox the Indoor Trampoline

You need to make sure that all the parts are present. Remove the tape from the box and then begin removing all of the pieces inside the box. Arrange them neatly on the floor. If they are wrapped in plastic, you can go ahead and remove the items from the baggies. Put each item together with like items, such as legs with legs, springs with springs, until all of the items are out and arranged. Look in the instruction manual to find the parts list. Check this list against the parts you removed from the indoor trampoline box kit.

Step 2 – Install the Legs

Turn the indoor trampoline frame over, and locate the holes on the frame for the legs. Bring the legs over to the area, so they are within reach. Place the first leg up to the frame and line up the holes. Once the holes are lined up, insert the bolt through the outside hole, and then screw on the nut. Tighten the nut by hand. Install each leg to the indoor trampoline in this same way. Then, tighten the nuts, so the legs will not move when the indoor trampoline is being used. Do this using the socket wrench. Tighten each nut, until it no longer moves, but before you strip it.

Step 3 – Put on the Mat

Turn the indoor trampoline over, and press down on the frame to make sure the legs are sturdy. The kit will come with springs with 2 hooks on each end. These springs are all identical. Around the frame of the trampoline will be drilled out holes. Insert 1 spring in each of the holes, until there are no more springs or all of the holes are filled. Lay the mat over the frame and orient it correctly, so that the grommets on the mat are lined up with the hooks. Insert each hook through their corresponding grommets. As you are attaching the hooks, it will begin to get harder to attach them, as the mat is being pulled tight.

Step 4 – Install the Handles

Inspect the frame to locate the holes on the side that are higher up. The indoor trampoline may have 1 or more handles. Line up the handle to the holes, and insert a bolt through each hole. Screw on the nut. Tighten each by hand, and then use the socket wrench.