Building a Clubhouse

A clubhouse is a place where kids have the opportunity to use their creative imaginations and play in a world of their making. Kids will make a clubhouse out of almost anything--blankets over chairs or an old garden shed. Building a clubhouse for the kids is a great DIY project that combines simple framing techniques, power tools and creative freedom.

Choose Your Location

The best part of a clubhouse is that there are no set rules to building one. You can use a tree, a shed, a barn, an attic and even build one from scratch in any shape or size. Before you begin realizing your clubhouse dreams, you should first decide on where it will be. Most of the existing areas, like a tree, shed or barn, have already predetermined your location. Building a clubhouse from scratch means finding a good place.

Try to choose a location that has plenty of space around it. Kids will want to play, run, jump and maybe even build other parts to the clubhouse. Choose a location that is partly shaded from the sun or one that does not get direct sunlight for most of the day.

Draw the Design

Use some graph paper as a scaling device. One square can equal 1 foot. Draw the outline of the clubhouse and use it as your guide when building.

Build the Floor Platform

Use pressure treated wood to begin building your clubhouse. Lay out the general outline of the clubhouse with 2x6 lumber. Place the joists in between and begin securing them with 3-inch screws. Keep the joists 16 inches on center. Place plywood over the platform and secure with 3-inch screws.

Build Walls

Lay out the frame of the walls on the platform itself. Place the plywood sheathing onto the wall frame as it lays on the floor platform. Leave a 4-inch overhang on the bottom to help secure it to the bottom platform. Lift the wall into position and secure through the 2x4 bottom plate with 3-inch screws. Do the same with the other walls. Leave areas for windows and the door.

Build Roof

Build the roof trusses on the ground using regular 2x6 lumber or use metal truss plates to build your trusses to make the building easier. Lift them into place and secure to the top plate. Work your way to the end of the building. Use strapping to keep them level.

Install Metal Roofing

You can lay the metal roofing directly onto the 2x6 rafters, or you can place 1-inch strapping at regular intervals down the roof. The metal roofing will come cut to the right size so you will only have to lift it to the roof and screw to the strapping. Install the top roof plate and corner edges to keep rain water out.

Attach Doors, Install Windows, and Paint

You can use a regular door frame, or use a simple door made out of plywood or lumber. Attach with hinges and add a latch. Install the windows and secure them to the sill with 3-inch screws. Choose stain or paint to match the theme of the clubhouse, or your landscaping.