Building a Concrete Cement Walkway Behind Your House

What You'll Need
Wooden concrete edging materials and brackets
Pre-mixed concrete or dry concrete mix and mixing materials (wheelbarrow, water, mixing stick)
Reinforcing wire mesh

Concrete cement can be used for a wide variety of different purposes both in and outside of your home. One of the most popular uses of concrete cement is as a walkway or a foundation for an outdoor space. This provides you with a sophisticated path on which to walk around your property and helps to ensure that you will not have to deal with mud or dirt while you're walking around on your property. Follow the simple steps below to effectively make a concrete walkway behind your house.

Step 1 -- Prepare the Area

Decide first where you'd like for your concrete cement walkway to cover. If the area will be uneven and not level, you'll need to employ advanced techniques, which will not be covered in this article. Choose an open and level area if at all possible.

To prepare the area, you should first remove any grass, shrubs or other debris that may be in the area in which you'll lay the concrete. Place the debris in a yard waste bin. Check the exposed dirt with the level to be sure that it is entirely even, and use the shovel to help ensure that the dirt is flat and level at all points.

Step 2 -- Set Up the Edging Materials

The wooden concrete edging materials help to ensure that the concrete pours in a clean way and that it properly sets. They should serve as molds for the walkway. Set up the edging materials so that they are at least 3 inches deep, and divide up the concrete into sections to make it easier to pour. Ensure that the edging materials are in the exact shape that you'd like for the concrete walkway, as the concrete will conform to the shape that they provide.

Step 3 -- Pour the Concrete

If you're using pre-mixed concrete, simply pour it into the space outlined by the edging materials. If you're mixing your own concrete, follow the mixing instructions before ou pour it into the space.

Use the trowel to clean up any spilled concrete and to ensure that the concrete is level and even throughout the entire area of the walkway.

Step 4 -- Smooth Out the Concrete and Reinforce It

Use the broom to smooth out the surface of the concrete so that it doesn't appear to be uneven. If desired, you can install a layer of reinforcing wire mesh just underneath the surface of the concrete as well. Lay the mesh to help support the structure of the concrete, then pour a thin layer of concrete over it to cover up the mesh.

Allow the concrete to fully set and dry before you attempt to touch it or stand on it. All of the materials necessary for this project are available at home improvement stores.