Building a Concrete Fire Pit: 4 Tips Building a Concrete Fire Pit: 4 Tips

If you have the space for it, having a concrete fire pit near your house can mean loads of fun and many relaxing weekends with friends and family. You can all unwind during a cold night around the warmth of the fire, cooking fresh steaks and roasting marshmallows. A fire pit can also be a decorative landmark outside your house, giving your backyard a little more character.

1. Checking Local Laws

Before building a concrete fire pit, make sure to check with your local government regarding the construction of such structures. Since it will be built outside, the local fire department might be stricter in its implementation.

2. Dry Stones and Bricks

You will need stones and bricks for materials in making a concrete fire pit. Make sure that they are dry and have not been soaked in water while exposed to the elements outdoors. The reason for this is that they might explode when you start the fire, which could cause injury to anyone by the pit.

3. Safe Distance

When choosing the location of your fire pit, make sure that it is at least 15 feet away from any flammable material. Set this as the minimum distance so you won’t accidentally burn anything.

4. Safety Materials

After building your pit, leave some of the dirt you dug up near it, along with a shovel and a bucket of water. These are necessary just in case the fire in your concrete fire pit goes out of control.

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