Building a Container Water Fountain for Gardens Building a Container Water Fountain for Gardens

What You'll Need
4 decorative pots
3 plastic pots
Water seal for ceramic pots
1 small, flat piece of plastic
Small tube of silicone seal
DryLock sealant
50 GPS submersible water pump with tubing
Decorative rocks, or marbles
Hand-held drill and small drill bit

Nearly everyone enjoys the peaceful sound of trickling water, and you can create this tranquil sound in your garden by building a decorative water fountain. You'll find that with a few pieces of pottery, a small water pump and some miscellaneous material, you can build a lovely decorative fountain in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1 - Collecting Materials

For a fountain with two levels you will need two reservoirs, one for each level. You can create each reservoir from a large decorative pot, then use smaller reservoir pots to fit into the decorative pots.

Step 2 - Sealing Your Pots

If your pots have holes in the bottom you'll need to close them. You can do this by covering the hole with a piece of thin plastic large enough to cover the hole. Use a silicone sealer to glue the plastic over the hole. When the silicone has dried, fill the hole on the inside of the pot with silicone.

Step 3 - Attaching the Plastic Tubing

Through the bottom of each pot, drill a hole big enough for the plastic tubing to be inserted. Then drill a hole the same size through the side of the top reservoir pot, through which water will drain into the lower pot.

Cut a piece of the plastic tubing long enough to reach from the bottom pot to the top of the fountain. Insert the tube up through the hole in the bottom of container pot on the bottom level. From there, insert the tube up through the bottom of the top ceramic pot and the container pot that will sit inside it, leaving at least an inch of the tube protruding above the hole it came through. Then, apply your silicone sealer around the hole for caulking.

Step 4 - Attaching the Electrical Pump Wire

Make a notch at the top of the bottom container pot, big enough so the pump's electrical cord will fit through it without bulging out at the top of the notch. Place the water pump in this container pot and run the cord up the inside of the pot and out through the notch you've made. When your fountain is finished and ready to begin pumping water, you can then plug this cord into an electrical outlet.

Step 5 - Finishing Your Fountain

Fill the top larger pot with decorative material such as rocks, beads or marbles. Fill the reservoirs with water and plug in the pump's electrical cord. If your fountain is not near an electrical outlet, you can use a decorative extension cord.

If you've followed your directions and have properly sealed the holes in your pots, you should see water from the top pot trickling down into the bottom pot where it will be pumped back into the upper reservoir. Enjoy your new container water fountain!

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