Building a Cross Hipped Roof

If you live in an area that gets regular hurricanes a cross hipped roof can be a good addition to your house. A cross hipped roof is used on a structure with an L-shaped plan. Hip roofs require a more complex system of trusses and are more difficult to construct. They can be built to a wide variety of plan shapes.



Designing your cross hipped roof will require an architect and a structural engineer. They will do onsite inspections and take proper measurements to draw up a blue print. They will also be able to ensure that you comply with local zoning laws and arrange building inspection dates.



Unless you are a very talented at D.I.Y. this is not a task that you should attempt yourself. You should visit local contractors and get a few quotations and look at examples of their work.


Whenever you have people working on your property you must ensure that you have the right kind of coverage. Never assume they have their own coverage and verify that they have the necessary policies in place.

If you have hired a professional to build your roof you will have a guarantee on the work that has been done. This guarantee will protect you in case repairs are needed or anything goes wrong. Any structural alteration to your home should be carried out by professionals.