Building a Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

What You'll Need
2 sinks
Measuring tape
Hole bit
Wood glue

Farmhouse sinks are becoming very popular due to their elegant look. The rectangular frames and deep basins recall old style sinks that were typically made from wood. The designs were simple, yet appropriate for the period in which they were popular. You can bring back the charm and beauty of a double bowl farmhouse sink without a high price tag. Follow the simple steps below to make one on your own.

Step 1 - Make the Base

The base of the project is a simple piece of wood. The cheapest and easiest to use will be plywood that is .25-inches thick. Measure the length and width of the sinks you purchased from the largest or widest points, as it is probably not uniform all around.

Transfer these measurements to the piece of wood that will serve as the base. Use a pencil to mark the lines and a saw to cut the wood to your measurements. Place the sinks in place and make sure they are centered. Use the pencil to trace the pipe holes in the bottom of each sink. Attach the hole bit to the drill, and make the holes where you drew them.

Step 2 - Make the Sides

Farmhouse sinks look best with an ornate enclosure. For a great look, use wainscoting, which is inexpensive and detailed. Keep the sinks centered on the base. Buttress the wainscoting against the edge of the base. Line it up and transfer the height of the sinks to it. Mark the length on the wainscoting as well. Trim the piece to match, and then repeat with a second piece for the back. Repeat this with the 2-sided pieces. When finished, you will have 2 long sides and 2 short sides.

Step 3 - Painting

Prior to assembling the farmhouse sinks, you can paint the wood for a better look. Early styles were typically painted white or the natural wood was left unpainted. You can paint or stain the wainscoting as you see fit. Paint every edge except the top edge of the wainscoting. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4 - Assemble the Sink

Putting the farmhouse sink together is fairly simple. You can use 1 sink that is a double or use 2 individual sinks. The choice is yours. Apply a generous amount of waterproof epoxy to the bottom of the sink, and place the sinks on the base. Before the epoxy dries, center the sink over the holes you made. Once the epoxy has dried you can then assemble the rest of the enclosure. Apply wood glue to the edge of the base and press a long side against it. Repeat with the other sides. Once the wood glue has dried, you can nail the sides in place to each other and the base.