Building A Fence: Budget Considerations

Building a fence on your property will add to its value, privacy, and safety. Before you begin with this project, it's a good idea to consider your budget. Proper planning will prevent you wasting materials, time, and money. Here are a few other things to think about to keep your building costs as low as possible.

Do It Yourself vs. Hire a Contractor

There are advantages to both building a fence yourself and hiring a contractor. Building a fence can be hard work and hiring a contractor can you from the back braking labor. However, the cost will be much higher than building the fence yourself.

Hiring a contractor to build your fence will cost more than doing it yourself. You may have to lower the quality of the wood you choose for your fence to stay in your budget. A contractor will also have your fence built and installed quickly.

Building your fence yourself will save a lot of money. You might save enough of your budget to upgrade the wood quality for your fence. Digging post holes, setting them and putting up the fence is a lot of work and might take up more of your time than you'd like to spend.

    Choose the Wood

    Now that you have decided whether to build or have it built, choose your wood. You may save some money by watching your local home improvement center or lumber yard for sales. You can even ask if there are any scratch and dent fencing. Some lumber yards will have fencing that is slightly damaged on sale for a cheap price.