The Best Fences on a Budget

bamboo fence with ivy

Fences seem to be a staple in most yards. They provide privacy, they aid in safety efforts, they’re a great way to show where your yard ends and your neighbor’s begins, and they help define the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

When you’re looking to stay on a budget, though, it can be tough to find a fence that doesn't break the bank. Thankfully, there are a range of options that are wallet friendly.

Split Rail Fence with Mesh

This is an affordable fence you can make yourself. It works well for keeping pets and kids in your yard, and it doesn’t look bad either. It's also a simple and effective way to keep predators and other pesky animals off your property.

Pallet Fence

Recycled pallets are an amazing budget option. They make a completely functional barrier, and you can paint them to match the aesthetic you’re going for. Their slats also make great places to grow crawling and climbing plants. You might even be able to source these for free from nearby construction projects.

Bamboo Fence

If you want a more natural feel, a living bamboo fence might be right up your alley. This cheap, tall grass just takes a bit of time to plant and grow. Once it's established, some bamboo plants can grow as much as 36 inches in a single day. If you live in a cold climate, though, your bamboo is likely to die back in winter.

Square Lattice Fence

You can buy sheets of square lattice fencing at home construction stores and attach them to posts for a relatively quick and simple boundary. These fences are also excellent structures for vines to climb.

green fence with square pattern

Upcycled Branch Fence

If you're going for a more rustic style, consider making use of the branches around your yard. You can use wattle construction to weave together branches and sticks, affixing them so that they’re overlapping horizontally.

Every few feet, you’ll need to place thick and sturdy branches or sticks vertically into the ground to hold the structure up. This old-timey approach has a raw, natural aesthetic.

Cinder Block Fence

Cinder blocks are a sturdy, affordable material, and make for a clean looking perimeter barrier. This is a perfect fence for increased privacy and security, and some people like its visual simplicity. You can also get a stable, natural boundary by growing climbing plants like ivy along the surface.

Recycled Timber Fence

If you have an excess of building timber from another project, you can put it to good use as a sharp looking fence. This can also be an artistic venture, as you can use pieces with different stains and heights to give your fence a varied vibe.

Classic White Picket Fence

A white picket fence is a symbol of the classic American home. If you’re willing to install and paint your own, this idyllic border can elegantly line your yard. It's an especially good choice if you don’t need the fence to be very high.

a white picket fence

Chain Link Fence

Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, if you need something low on cost and high on function, they're a great choice. And again, you can dramatically improve their look with climbing plants. Choose flowering varietals to fill your yard with lovely scents and attract happy birds and beautiful insects.

Horizontal Plank Fence

Another type of wooden fence that's easy to install yourself, these can be stained for durability and color. Horizontal plank fences have a classic that will never go out of style.