Building a Four Poster Queen Bed

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
3/4-inch thick plywood for the headboard
Wood glue
Electric sander
4 x 4 posts at least 6 foot high
Lathe duplicator
5 pieces of 1 inch by 8 foot pine board
Electric drill
Paint or wood stain

Building a four poster queen bed may seem like a daunting task and unless you have prior woodworking experience it may well be tough - but the satisfaction of building the bed in which you sleep will far surpass any difficulties you overcame in the process. Deceivingly inexpensive, a DIY four poster queen bed may be the perfect project to follow on from a bedroom re-decoration or an entire home make-over! This guide covers all basics, as well as creative extras such as the headboard.

Step 1 - Mattress Measurements

First of all, measure the length of the mattress that will rest on the finished project. It is a lot easier to do this than find a mattress to fit your custom bed.

Step 2 - Building the Base

Plan the required height of your four posts as it will be very hard to cut these down accurately once you have begun construction. The base will be compiled of 1 inch by 8 foot pine wood beams. Once decided upon the post height, cut down your first beam to the same length as your mattress. Remember to take into account the extra length the depth of the four posts will add on. Drill holes into the posts 10inches from the floor and screw in your two side beams. Cut down another beam to the specific width required for your bottom beam and screw this in. Sand softly for high quality look. 

Step 3 - Constructing the Headboard

Take your pieces of plywood and after cutting them to the correct width for your bed, clamp together after gluing in order to achieve the correct thickness required of your headboard. Depending on the accuracy of your power saw, you may be able to let your creativity run wild here in terms of the final shape of your headboard.

Step 4 - Headboard Cosmetology

If custom wood-cutting is not your strong point, remember that you can try a variety of different headboard designs once the shape is cut. Many will spice up a standard rectangular or rounded headboard with the use of copper tiling or engravings. Use this opportunity to think of an eye-catching centerpiece for your bedroom. Attach this headboard by screwing it in between the two top posts for a flush, professional look. 

Step 5 - Introducing Cross Beams

Now that the skeleton of the entire bed is complete, we must build the bed frame's cross beams. You will have ample materials left from your pine wood for this, though if you think you may run out simply buy a few more. Aim to have at least five cross beams to provide enough support for the mattress and bed users. Attach beams downward through the bed's side beams, allowing for a completely clean finish once the mattress is in place. Use a lathe duplicator to create a more antiquated feel.