Building a Garage Apartment: 5 Tips

If you need extra space for family or company, building a garage apartment is great idea. The garage is a useful space you can rent out to earn some extra income or pack in some more people into the household. Building a garage apartment can actually give you a lot of benefits beyond having a place to store your car and boxes.

Tip 1: Getting Clearance

First off, before doing any planning or remodeling for the garage apartment, make sure that what you’re about to do is legal. You have to make certain that the city government allows the building of apartments in your area. Some zones do not allow apartment buildings in certain areas for reasons such as security and uniformity. Therefore, you should go to your local town hall and ask the officials working there about the policies of building an apartment within your house.

Tip 2: Safety

Once you’re cleared by the city government, you have to pass the building inspector’s scrutiny before you can proceed. The concerned person will be looking at your plans and will try to look for any structural loopholes that could cause the structure to come crashing down. This step must not be taken for granted and safety should be one of the top priorities in this project.

Tip 3: Building Permit

In order for you to start hammering away, you need to get a building permit for your garage apartment first from the local city government. Although you will be working on your own house, it will still entail major construction work and you will need permits when you bring all that heavy equipment to town.

Tip 4: Purpose and Floor Plan

You need consider what all will be done in your garage apartment. Do you just be living there or do you need space for your cars as well? What all space you need in the apartment for storage? In addition, you need to consider the shape of the land available. You should now decide whether you would prefer a one or two story apartment. This will depend of course on what you plan to do with your apartment. If you just plan to house your mother-in-law in it, then one floor will probably do. But if you wish to have it rented out, then a 2 (or even 3) story will be appropriate. You should then determine how many rooms you want to fit into it and where the doors will go. Bring these plans to your contractor so the person can check if they are doable in terms of design and layout. When designing garage apartment, you will need to

Tip 5: Water and Electricity

Contact an electrician so that the professional can work on the electrical wirings that will run through the garage apartment. You must check the wiring which is running through the garage and what all electrical points do you require in the new house. Also, contact a plumber as well and have the person get on board. Make them survey the area so they can be thorough.