Building a Garage Storage Loft: 3 Tips

A garage storage loft is a project that can be a great remedy to an overstuffed garage, as long as it is well planned out. Take into consideration the size of your garage and space available. Also, consider what you will be storing and how often you will need to access it.

Best Use of Space

Use a  tape measure to determine the exact dimensions of your loft space. You need to have at least one floor support post for structural integrity, and always leave more than enough room to pull your car into the garage.

What Will be Stored

If you are storing holiday decorations that only need to be brought down once a year, ease of access is not as much of a factor than other things that need to be accessed more often. If you are planning a high storage loft for heavy boxes, you may want to consider alternatives to the standard ladder, for safety's sake.

Ease of Access

Long step ladders, high storage platforms, and large bulky storage boxes generally do not mix. There is a good chance of a bad fall with this set-up. Consider building a pull-down set of wooden steps from the garage loft space instead, similar to those found in attics.