Building a Glass Fire Pit Building a Glass Fire Pit

What You'll Need
16 inch diameter glass platter
3 metal bars, 18 by 2 inches in diameter
2 smaller 12 inch glass bowls
Gel fuel
Polyurethane glue
Decorative center piece
Barbecue lighter
Lava rock
Builders' sand

A glass fire pit can add a stunning visual effect to any outdoor area. They can be crafted in elaborate designs with any combination of colors, and many owners believe they have a more artistic and sophisticated look than plainer, lava rock fire pits. They are safe to set up in any size and style of fire pit that uses a standard propane or natural gas supply set up. There are also glass fire pits that can be built with a gel fuel canister in a glass bowl as another option. Be sure to read all gel fuel instructions and safety precautions.

Step 1: Clean out Fire Pit

Empty out your existing fire pit and clean up any ash and debris. Fill the bottom of the fire pit with 2 to 3 inches of the builder's sand. Make sure you get quality builder's sand without rocks or pebbles in it. You may have to temporarily move or detach the burner at this point to get it out of the way. Add crushed lava rock over the sand.

Step 2: Assemble Fire Pit Legs

Turn your larger glass platter upside down and attach each of the three metal bars  to the bottom with the polyurethane glue. Space them equally. Allow this to completely dry. When selecting your polyurethane glue, check for a type that has a high heat resistance, to be on the safe side. Turn this right side up, check that all legs are securely glued, and place over your existing fire pit. Warning: do not ignite your normal gas fire pit while this portable glass addition is over the top of it; your flames will be in the top bowl instead.

Step 3: Set up Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, you can use a flower, family photo, or any other keepsake that has special meaning. Place your choice of object in the center of the glass platter and place out of the smaller glass bowls upside down over it to make sure it will fit. Apply a thin line of polyurethane glue to the rim of this bowl and fit it over the centerpiece. Let the glue dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Set up Fire Bowl

Place the second 12 inch glass bowl face up on top of the upside down centerpiece bowl. Glue this in place with more of the polyurethane glue and allow to dry. Once this dries, shake your canister of gel fuel and place it is the center of your fire bowl. Remove any labels from the canister because these can be a fire hazard. Carefully light the gel canister with the barbecue lighter or a long match if you don't have a one of these lighters.

It is important to only use a gel fuel canister because these allow flames to burn at a low temperature that will not crack or shatter the any of the glass. You want to select a gel fuel source that burns at only 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

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