Building a Green Dog House

What You'll Need
Old wood palletor wood scraps
Low VOC paint
Asphalt shingles or recycled tires or any other alternative

Building a green dog house can benefit not only you and your dog. It can benefit the environment as well. Most materials used in the production of traditional dog houses often have components that may be harmful to both the environment and your dog. Green dog houses, however, use only materials that are natural and which you can be assured are safe for your beloved pet.

A green dog house is relatively easy to build. You do not need to be an expert builder to successfully construct a comfortable and safe abode for your lovable pet.

Step 1 - Create the Base of the Dog House

Using old wood pallet or any wood scraps that you can find, form the base of the dog house. You can nail together a few pieces of the wood scraps and form them according to desired size and shape. If wood scraps are not available, you may find durable recycled plastic materials and use them as base.

Step 2 - Attach the Walls of the Dog House

Nail a few pieces of lumber to the base to serve as walls. You may use red cedar or composite lumber. These materials do not emit chemicals that may be harmful to your pet in any way. The length of the lumber may depend on how high you want the dog house to be. 

Step 3 - Lay the Floor

Lay bricks on the base of the structure to serve as a floor. Bricks are great flooring materials for dog houses. They can help keep your pet's abode warm in winter and cool in summer, thereby ensuring the comfort of the animal throughout the seasons.

Step 4 - Construct the Roof

Pre-construct the roof before putting it on top of the dog house. This will make the job of installing the roof a lot easier. The roof may be made of lumber, too, or you can use asphalt shingles that have been left over from a previous home-improvement job. You may also use old tires in your garage or you may get hold of eco-friendly shake roof tiles. These will make good roofing materials for your green dog house. The roof can be shaped any way you want.

Step 5 - Attach the Roof

Drill holes on the sides of the pre-constructed roof and attach it to the body of the dog house. Use the nails and hammer to make the attachment sturdy.

Step 6 - Attach Water Spouts

Drill holes along areas where you want the water spouts to be located. For the water spouts, bamboo may be used. Water spouts may be an optional feature for your dog house but it can certainly add convenience to your dog especially during the wet season.

Step 7 - Apply Paint

Paint the dog house with any color you want with low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. Low VOC paint contains lower levels of pollutants and emits less odor. Moreover, it can provide the dog house better resistant to mildew.    

There are many other green materials that you can use in building a green dog house. There are the native plants, clay, and many other natural materials. The best thing about building green is that you do not only help the environment in your own little way; you are also able to save much from costs.