Building a Hexagon Picnic Table

What You'll Need
110 feet of 2 by 6 treated lumber
66 feet of 2 by 4 treated lumber
3/8 inch by 4 1/2 inch galvanized carriage bolts
4 inch long galvanized flathead nails
Electric drill
Drill bits
Tape measure
Mitre saw
Metal strapping
Cinder blocks

A picnic table is great to have but a hexagon picnic table is like a work of art that is functional. The cost to build one of these tables is much less and the skill required to make one is minimal and the article that follows will show you how.

Step 1 - Seating and Tabletop

Measure out and cut the 2 by 6 into 6 pieces that are 53 inches long. These boards will be used for the seats of the hexagon picnic table. At each end of the boards draw an angle that is 60 degrees and trim the boards. Now, measure and cut 6 sections from the 2 by 6 that are each 46 inch long and trim the ends as you did previously. These will be used for the seats.

Measure out the rest of the 2 by 6 into 6 pieces 35 inches long, 6 pieces 28 inches long, 6 pieces 21 inches long, 6 pieces 14 inches long and 6 pieces 7 inches long. Cut the ends of each of these to a 60 degree angle. For the legs cut the 2 by 4 into 6 pieces each measuring 32 3/8 inches long. Cut each end opposing 60 degree angles.

Step 2 - Upper and Lower Support Frame

Measure and cut one 69 inch long piece from the 2 by 4 and cut each end to a 60 degree angle. Cut four 33 1/2 inch long pieces from the 2 by 4. On one of the boards cut an end to a 60 degree angle. On 2 of the boards cut the ends top to bottom at a 90 degree angle and 120 degree angle. Cut the other boards identically except with a 130 degree angle.

Cut a 105 inch long piece from the 2 by 4 and cut the ends to a 60 degree angle. Out of this length measure and cut four 51 1/2 inch boards. Cut a 60 degree angle on one end. From top to bottom on the end of 2 of the boards cut a 90 degree and 120 degree angle at the junction. The other 2 boards are cut identically but only use the junction of a 130 degree and 120 degree angle.

Step 3 - Assemble the Hexagon Picnic Table

Attach the bottom and top support frames using the nails and metal strapping. Start with the outer (larger) boards of the tabletop and nail them to the upper support so that there's an overhang of 1 1/2 inches. Place the outer boards first then the next largest and so on until all the boards are attached. Nail the seat boards to the lower frame just as you did for the tabletop.

Flip the tabletop over on a level and flat surface and place the seating frame, also upside down, on top. Position the seating frame and prop it up 15 inches with cinder blocks. On the inside edge of the tabletop and 17 3/4 inches in the seating platform edge. Clamp the legs in place and drill holes to install the carriage bolts, nuts and washer to affix the legs.