Building a Kitchen Drawer Organizer in 5 Steps Building a Kitchen Drawer Organizer in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
1/8-inch Plexiglas
Metal straight edge
Utility knife
Silicone adhesive
Divers weighted bean bags (or any appropriate brace)
Single edge razor blade
Propane torch (optional)

If you have a typical junk drawer in your kitchen, it's likely you could use a kitchen drawer organizer. This organizer, which can be made in a weekend, is the solution. Take your time deciding how you want your new organizer to organized. Be sure the compartments are long and wide enough to hold your stuff.

Step 1 - Assess Your Drawers

Start this project by checking the drawers. You may determine you need more than 1 kitchen drawer organizer to make your kitchen clutter more manageable. This organizer is great for knives, utensils or junk. Whether you choose 1 drawer or several to organize, be sure to measure and sketch your needs accurately.

Step 2 - Measure Drawer

With a tape measure, determine the length, width and depth of the interior of the drawer you wish to organize. Sketch the drawer onto a piece of paper to ensure proper measurements. Deduct 1/4 inch from the length and the width to allow for easier placement in the drawer. Decide how you want your kitchen drawer organizer to look. Determine how many compartments you need and the width of each. One of the compartments should run the width of the organizer at the end of the length-wise compartments.

Step 3 - Cut Plexiglas

With the utility knife, cut the base of the kitchen drawer organizer using the plan from Step 1. The organizer should be about 1/4 inch less in both width and length than the true measurement of the drawer. First cut the bottom piece of Plexiglas, using the utility knife to score the Plexiglas along the width and length. Make several passes over the edge of the metal straight edge until the Plexiglas can be snapped at the scored line. Cut the divider pieces in the same manner. Tip: clamp the Plexiglas and the metal straight edge while scoring the Plexiglas.

Step 4 - Assemble the Organizer

First glue the 4 sides to the organizer with silicone adhesive. Brace the pieces with beanbag weights until the silicone cures. Next, lace the dividers for the length compartments and brace with beanbag weights until the adhesive cures. Finally, place the width piece at the ends of the length compartments for the one compartment along the width of the kitchen drawer organizer. Allow silicone adhesive to cure 24 hours.

Step 5 - Finish Organizer

With a single edged razor blade, slice excess silicone adhesive from inside each compartment. Clean box out thoroughly with compressed air if desired. To give the organizer a more professional, polished finish, lightly heat the cut edges of the Plexiglas with a propane torch. Be certain that the silicone adhesive is completely cured on the kitchen drawer organizer, as it is flammable prior to cure.

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