Building a Metal Deck Cover

What You'll Need
Metal deck cover sheets or panels
2, 10 feet 4 by 4 lumber boards or blocks
2 by 6 boards
Carriage bolts

A deck cover helps in adding the extra protection to the deck and also enables you to sit there even in times of wet weather. Generally deck covers are available in the market, but these rarely last long and get blown away in times of bad conditions. Instead of wasting money on such a cover, it is better you build a metal deck cover at home over the weekend. This could save on costs as well as leave you immensely satisfied.

Step 1 - Initial Steps

Buy 10 feet, 4 by 4 block of pressure treated lumber. Align it next to the post at the corner of the deck and mark out its outline on to it. Locate all the corners of the deck. However, make sure that the corners are not those which are positioned adjacently to the house. Once you mark the dimension outline, use a jigsaw and neatly cut the squares on the deck floor. These squares are meant for the four by fours. Cut the squares in a single stroke without forming any rough portions.

Step 2 - Inserting Frame Supports

Take the lumber block of 10 feet and put it inside the square holes made. Once they are inserted, butt it up against the deck post at the corner. The block shall come to be placed in between the joists on the deck.

Step 3 - Securing

At the corners of the joist, and through the new wood installed, drill holes that are ½ inch deep. Make sure that the wood block stays in place while you work on the drilling. You can tape it up using masking tape temporarily or get a friend to hold it in place.

Step 4 - Anchoring

At places where the new drilled holes are made, insert a bolt meant for securing thick wood pieces, and put on the thread and washer on the bolt. Tighten it by rotating it in a clockwise direction using a wrench. Repeat the step till all the joists and wood blocks at the corners are anchored firmly.

Step 5 - Framing

On the four by four wood block installed, place the two by six block so that it is angled with the former block at 20 degrees. At the corner of this structure, make holes with the drill and insert drywall screws. Tighten up. Repeat this on the other sides where the four by fours are placed. Now the frame of the deck cover is ready.

Step 6 - Supporting

Locate the position which forms the side of the house that connects the ends of the attached blocks or boards (of 4 by 4 and 2 by 6).At this point, place another 2 by 6 board across, and screw up at the edges. You can screw up any remaining 4 by 4 pieces to the poles of the deck to enhance the support.

Step 7 - Final steps

Take the sheet of metal to be used as cover. You can purchase these roof cover sheets at a home improvement store. Position it over the framed structure you built. At the corners, hammer in nails. At all the sides of the cover, insert nails at a few inch intervals from each other, till the cover sits straight.