Building a Partition Wall

A partition wall is often used to divide a large room into smaller more usable space. Dividing up a large space is a great way to give a studio or warehouse apartment the feel of a home. Partition walls are not load-bearing walls and are easy to frame and construct over a weekend.

Partition Wall Framing

If you are going to divide a large room with a partitions wall, you will need to construct a basic frame for the new wall. You will first need to decide where you want the new wall to be located. The location of the wall will largely depend on the size you want each room to be for your purposes. You should also decide if you want to frame for a doorway between the two rooms, since you will need to build this into the wall framing.

Building the Partition Wall

Framing should be constructed out of 2 feet x4 feet fir stud lumber. You will need to build a frame that fits the floor, ceiling and walls. Then you should place studs 2 feet apart, evenly spaced and firmly nailed to the frame. If you are planning on placing a door between the two rooms, you will also need to frame an opening for the door, including a header on the top. Once you have completed constructing the frame, carefully raise it up where you want the wall located and temporarily brace it into place with supporting lumber. Nail the frame into place along the ceiling, floor and walls.
Once you have the frame in place, then you can easily nail the wall board into place on the frame and complete the wall.

Building a non-load-bearing partition wall is an easy weekend job.