Building a Patio Enclosure

A Patio enclosure helps to protect your patio from weather and other outdoor elements. It will also provide you with a protective covering to enjoy the outdoors, without exposing yourself to the sun or wind for long periods of time.

Choose an Appropriate Design

When Building a patio enclosure, consider your design choices. You may choose a more formal enclosed structure, complete with roof. Alternatively, you may desire a simpler, pergola style enclosure. Both choices offer advantages and disadvantages in terms of labor and costs.

Obtain Building Permits

Any outdoor structure that you build to be attached to the home will require that you obtain a building permit. This is to ensure that the structure conforms to local building standards and does not pose harm or danger to you or others. Check your local building codes for requirements and properly apply for any required permits before commencing work.

Compare Costs Between Do-It-Yourself and Hiring a Contractor

Depending on the type of construction and the extent of your knowledge and ability, investigate the costs associated with building a patio enclosure versus hiring a contractor. This type of job will require additional help to secure beams and posts as well as construct a roof. It may be well worth your while to investigate using a licensed professional versus taking the job on yourself.