Building a Patio Porch Swing for Kids

What can be more joy for kids than to have a patio porch swing in your house? The good news is that you need not spend hundreds of dollars to buy one. You can just build it yourself over a weekend.

Chalk out a plan

The first step to building a patio porch swing is to write out a plan. This plan should take into consideration the available height and space, and the weight that you want the swing to take

Get the materials and keep tools handy

The patio porch swing can be built with various-types of wood. You can select the wood that suits your budget and needs. You can pick single-colored wood or pick wood with 2 different colors to enhance the swing’s visual appeal.

To build the swing, you will need a circular saw, a jigsaw, measurement tape, a hammer, a ladder, goggles, a ventilator mask, a wrench and a drill.

Begin construction

Cut the wood according to the required measurements. Start by constructing the top and side railing and then proceed to the main swing. Drill holes in the wooden panels and insert screws in place to hold the panels together. Ensure that the screws are tightened in order to prevent any mishaps.

Hang it in the porch

Once you have the swing ready, hang it in the designated place. It is better to test the swing once before letting your kids play on it. Once the patio porch swing passes the test, it is ready for use.