Building a Planter Bench with Recycled Materials

Long bench surrounded by flowers
  • 1-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-50

A planter bench is a very attractive addition to any yard or garden. It combines the comfort of a bench with the beauty of potted plants. They are often made with wood straight from the lumber yard, but they can be made out of recycled materials.

1. Plastic

Recycled plastic and plastic benches can be bought at home and garden retailers. It is durable and easily decorated.

2. Ceramic Jars

What do you do with those old ceramic jars that no one wants? Turn them into a planter bench. Large jars are strong enough to support a bench. The wood should be cut so it fits over the mouth of the jar, but will not go below that.

3. Wood

wood bench during construction

Wood left over from other projects is another good source for recycled materials. Old trunks or cupboards can store gardening materials, while a trellis can be added for trailing plants to grow on. Old stumps with a hollow center can act as ends to a bench. If they are large enough, they can also add some supports.

Materials can be found anywhere: second hand stores, family friends, or remodeling projects. Just have fun and be creative.