Building a Pyramid Trellis for Cucumbers

What You'll Need
(3) 1/4-inch dowel rods, 5-foot long
Spool of twine
Cucumber seeds
Rubber mallet

Growing cucumbers using a pyramid trellis is the best possible way to get this tasty vegetable off the ground and growing big and strong. Cucumbers are vining vegetables and they'll grow on the floor of your garden. The problem with this is that animals can easily get at them and they are more likely to become infested with insects. The following steps will show you how to build a very simple pyramid trellis that will serve to get the cucumbers off the garden floor and where they belong.

Step 1 - Forming the Pyramid Trellis

The pyramid trellis is a very simple gardening tool. It allows you to plant cucumbers and allow them to grow the way that nature intended while keeping them safe from animals and certain insects.

Pick out the area you want the pyramid to be placed. The 5-foot long dowel rods, when assembled, can be adjusted to fit a small or large area. You can also, alternatively, cut the dowel rods to suit.

Once the area is chosen lay each of the dowel rods onto the ground so that they are touching each other. Keep the tops touching as you gradually move each dowel rod away from each other. Try to make them as equally apart as possible.

Step 2 - Finishing the Pyramid

With the pyramid trellis on the ground you can now take the twine and begin lashing the top of the dowel rods together. Place the twine under one pole, over the middle, then over the last pole. Continue wrapping the rods until you have two layers of twine then pull tight. The rods will come together then wrap them three times and tie.

Stand the three rods up then pull them away from each other until they are evenly spread apart.

Step 3 - The Pyramid Trellis and Your Garden

Adding a pyramid trellis to your existing garden may prove more difficult than you think.

It is important to begin your garden with the trellis in mind due to the size of it. If you already have your garden set up and your cucumbers are coming in then you can install the pyramid trellis where the cucumbers are and place them around the trellis. With luck they will take hold and begin to climb up the legs of the trellis.

If, however, the garden is a new endeavor then you can begin with your garden pyramid trellis in mind as a way to grow your cucumbers from the outset. Decide where you want to plant the cucumbers. and dig several holes with your spade. Insert a leg of the pyramid trellis in each. Then, with the mallet in hand, firmly hammer them in several inches. In the center of the pyramid trellis plant your cucumbers. When they begin to sprout move the vines around the legs. They will begin to climb up the legs and flower.

Keep in mind that when you use a pyramid trellis you use one trellis per cucumber plant.