Building a Raised Garden Bed Against a Fence

The idea behind building a raised garden bed against a fence is to give you better access to your plants for gardening, particularly climbing vines that will take advantage of the fence. A raised garden bed is an isolated area that’s no longer vulnerable to yard weeds and less susceptible to garden pests. You can also consider this construction a decorative addition to your backyard.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Lumber
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Hammer 

Step 1 – Plan for the Garden Bed 

Make a plan of where your constructed garden bed will be installed. If you are planning to plant climbing vines or another type of climbing plant, make sure the fence is high enough for the climbing plant. This garden bed will be 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. It should be no wider so that you can reach the middle, and no longer so that there isn’t too much weight on the stakes.

The height of this garden bed will be set at 12 inches. Purchase 2 by 6-inch planks for the sides. You will need 4 long planks for the short sides and 4 long planks for the long sides of your garden bed. the measurements should be 4x6. Everything will be nailed together such that your garden bed will look like a shallow box with an open top. 

Step 2 – Make the Posts 

You will be making 18-inch posts. Use a saw to carve the ends into points. The pointed ends will eventually be inserted into the ground so they don’t have to look equal. 

The first side of the garden bed you’ll make is one of the short sides. Place 2 posts flat on the work surface. Now, place the 4-foot planks of wood on top, side-by-side. Drill 2 holes into each side of each plank. The holes should be smaller than the nails. Hammer in nails in each one of the holes to attach the planks to the posts. Repeat this process for the other 4-foot side of the garden bed. 

Step 3 – Attach the Long Sides 

Take one of the short sides with posts that you constructed in the previous step and stand it up using the pointed ends facing upwards. Drill 2 holes into each side of each plank to prepare for the nails as above. Hammer the long 6-feet planks into the post of the short side. Stand up the other short side that you constructed in the previous step and hammer the other end of the long planks to one of its posts. Hammer in the second pair of long planks to the other side.

Step 4 – Install the Raised Garden Bed

Flip your constructed garden bed over. Set it beside the appropriate fence and push the pointed ends into your yard. To make the unit even more secure, you can also hammer the garden bed to the fence. Your raised garden bed is now ready to be filled with soil so that you can start planting.