Building a Rose Pillar: 3 Tips

By using a rose pillar, you can train your roses to grow vertically in beautiful formations. The few things listed below are important to keep in mind when building your rose pillar.

  • You should erect the pillar in place before planting any rose bushes. This will allow you to put the pillar in sturdy enough soil to stay planted in the ground as the years pass. This also prevents any possible damage to your plants during the digging and placing of your pillar.
  • Rose Pillars can grow upward as well as outward. Pay close attention to the type of roses you plant, some kinds are better at growing up while others prefer to grow outward. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate whatever type you choose and plan ahead five to ten years when the bushes will be at their optimum size.
  • Be mindful to continually tie your roses into the wire netting around your post. This will help train the roses to grow up the post and keep the pillar shape.