Building a Shower Next to an Outdoor Spa

One of life’s greatest pleasures is to be able to relax at the comforts of your home and this is the reason why a lot of people install outdoor spa in their homes, so that they can spend most of the warm evenings relaxing in the Jacuzzi and the cozy ambiance the outdoor spa provides. Now when it comes to installing an outdoor spa, it is also important that you consider the installation of a shower next to it so that you can easily rinse after you are done pampering yourself. This also saves you the trouble to get your living room or any of the adjacent room of the outdoor spa from getting wet in the effort of getting yourself to the bedroom to get clean and also dress up. When building a shower next to an outdoor spa, you will need these things to be able to carry out the construction properly.

  • Carpenter’s ruler
  • Cement
  • Shovel
  • Shower frame
  • Pre constructed panels
  • Drills
  • Screw
  • Hand saw or machine saw
  • Assistant

Decide Where the Shower Will Go

This step should be fairly easy if you have a very small outdoor spa. Make sure that your outdoor shower is located in an area where it can be attached to the main plumbing system of your home. On the other hand, if the outdoor spa is located far from the house, you need to assess if you can run a new line and connect it to the main line of your home. For this step, you need to hire a licensed plumber to get the job done properly.

Create a Foundation of Your Shower

Once you have decided on the right spot where you will erect your shower, create a foundation by digging a shallow trench which is 8 to 12 inches deep using a shovel where you  will be setting up your outdoor spa. Now depending on the type of the soil that your area has, reinforce the foundation by pouring concrete over it.  Let the cement dry for several hours.

Build the Frame of the Shower

The next thing that you need to do is to build the shower frame. Shower frames can be bought at hardware and home improvement stores and that they are made from pressure treated wood. Follow the instruction that is specified by the manufacturer when it comes to the installation of the frame.

Install the Paneling of the Shower

Use a hand saw to cut the length of the pre constructed panels that you bought from a local fencing company. Once the panels were cut according to the desired sizes, use a drill so that you can easily attach the screw to hold the panel to the frame firmly in place.

Install the Shower Fixtures

Once the panels are installed, add the shower fixtures. Make sure that you work with a licensed plumber for this particular step so that the plumber will be the one to connect the outdoor shower to the main plumbing system of your home.