How to Build a Slatted Bench out of Wood

A slatted bench.
What You'll Need
6 Elbow brackets
Drill with small bits
Measuring tape
Work bench
Circular saw
Galvanized wood screws
2x4-inch wood, 10 feet long
2x6-inch wood, 12 feet long (4)

A slatted bench is not only fairly simple to build, but is a very classic design that can accentuate any garden. The following steps will show you how to build a slatted garden bench.

Step 1 - Cut the Wood

Lay one piece of the 2x6 wood on your work surface. With your measuring tape measure out sections, each 4 feet long; drawing a line to mark off the sections. Carefully cut along each line with your circular saw. Continue measuring out and cutting each of the remaining 2x6 pieces of wood for a total of 12 boards that are all 4 feet long. Use your pencil and write "seat" on each piece to make putting the slat bench together easier.

Now place the 2x4 piece of wood on the work surface. On this piece of wood, you will first measure out two sections each 3 feet long. Draw a line and cut out the sections.

On the same piece of wood measure out two more sections that are each 3 feet long and cut these sections out.

Step 2 - Put the Seat Together

Gather the seat pieces up on your work surface. Line the individual pieces up next to each other but not touching, just far enough apart so that you can just see the table under them. Check to make sure they are lined up evenly before going forward.

Pick which end will be the top and measure 6 inches down and make a mark. At this line measure down another 6 inches and mark that point off. Place one of the 2x4-inch pieces along one of the lines you just drew and place a second 2x4-inch piece along the other line.

Drill starter holes at these marks and continue drilling until each section that rests on the seat boards has one. Screw the wood screws in through these guide holes to complete the seat.

Step 3 - Place Back Legs and Seat Back

Move the assembled seat to the side and gather up the remaining pieces of cut wood.

Place the 3 foot long pieces of wood you cut next to each but not touching (like you did in Step 2). Next, put one of the 4 foot long pieces of wood tight against the edge of the 4x6 pieces of wood. Mark the cross-sections, drill pilot holes, and screw them together as you did in Step 2.

Step 4 - Finish the Project

On the back leg and seat back you just assembled, measure 18 inches from the opposite ends of the 4 foot long pieces of wood. Install an elbow bracket to each piece of wood.

In the center of each of the 4x6 pieces of wood install an elbow bracket then connect the last 4x6 to the bracket. Place a bracket on top of each leg in the front.

Attach the seat to the front leg section.