Building a Sliding Room Divider

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Electric drill
Divider panels
Sliding door track
Work gloves
Safety goggles
Chalk line
Door stop hardware
Roller hardware

Building your own sliding room divider is an easy and economical way to add privacy to a multi-use bedroom as well as make the most practical use of space. Room dividers contribute functionality and come in a wide range of styles that can be selected or adjusted to match any room decor. Sliding room dividers are also relatively inexpensive and simple to install as a beginning DIY home project.

Step 1 - Mark off Door Area and Track

Make pencil marks on both the floor and ceiling where you want to install the room divider. To ensure a straight and even guide for your sliding door tracks, run and snap a chalk line from one end of the room to the other. Run a plumb line from the ceiling mark to the floor mark where the track will be installed; make sure these two marks line up precisely. It is often easier to have a helper hold the opposite end of the plumb line during this step.  

It is a good idea to run the plumb line in several spots along the length of where the track will be installed. This will help in installing a perfectly straight sliding divider track and prevent time consuming corrections at a later time. When you are selecting your divider tracks and hardware, make sure before purchasing that none of the tracks show any signs of warping.

Step 2 - Install Sliding Door Tracks

Measure out the width of each sliding door panel and add 1/4 inch to allow for easy sliding door movement. Mark the lines for the next set of divider tracks, and place the front tracks in so that the chalk line appears in the middle of the track's pre-drilled screw holes. Secure tracks in place on both the floor and ceiling with your drill and screw bits. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when working with an electric drill.

Step 3 - Attach Roller Hardware

Measure out a section about 2 1/2 to 3 inches on the top side of the sliding door panel. Mark off a "T" shape that is centered on the thickest point, and repeat this same process on the all faces of the top and bottom of the door panels. Make sure all marks are on the thickest sections of the divider panels. You will need to line up each of these "T" marks with the roller hardware screw hole before securing in place. Attach with the screw bit and drill on each side.

Step 4 - Install Divider Panels

Fit the front divider panels carefully onto the floor track first, and then do the same with the ceiling track. Test the sliding divider to make sure it rolls smoothly along the entire length of the track. If the dividers do not roll smoothly, make sure no areas of the track are out of alignment. Repeat the same process to install the back bypass panels. Secure the door stop hardware in place on the upper front track with the screws and drill.