Building a Small Bedside Table Building a Small Bedside Table

What You'll Need
A piece of strong termite-proof ply board 16x22 inches
4 readymade table legs of good quality wood
2 pieces of 1x2 inch wood - 14 inches in length
2 pieces of 1x2 inch wood - 12 1/2 inches in length
6 feet of 2/3 mold that is flattened
Fevicol or Adhesive for wood
Electric Drill
1 3/4 inch steel screws
1/6 inch drill bit
2/6 inch drill bit
Tack Hammer
Wood Stain
Wood putty
Few sheets of Sand Paper

A bedside table is a primary requirement for all bedrooms. A small table without drawers that can hold a glass of water and the bedside lamp can be built at home without burning a hole in your pocket. You may not be an expert woodworker, but using some cheap material from your local hardware shop, coupled with a keen dedication, the table shall be ready in a jiffy.

Step 1: Choose place of work

Take all the power tools and hardware materials to an open area where there are not any household or other important items lying around. Wear light clothing and safety goggles before proceeding with work. Do arm yourself with confidence that shall work wonders for your carpentry skills.

Step 2: Make your table top

Take the termite resistant ply board. You must ensure it is of thick quality so that it does not break. From all four corners, measure a four-finger distance and at that exact point drill four holes using the 1/6 bit drill. Next, use the other drill but to punch holes that are countersink. Ensure that the holes are not drilled completely. Stop before it penetrates more than half the thickness of the plywood. Repeat the same process on the 1x2 inch wood pieces.

Step 3: Complete the table top

Now on the reverse side of the ply, draw a line about an inch in length with a ruler placed from the corner around the board’s top surface perimeter. Apply adhesive as required with a brush neatly along the long side or edge of the 1x2 inch wood piece and stick it on the under side of the main plywood which is now your table top. Take the other three smaller wood pieces and stick them on to the remaining sides of the table top. It can now be attached to the table legs.

Step 4: Apply finishing touches to the table top

Take the mold and shape it to line up with the sides of the table top neatly. You may also use decorative tape to cover the sides. However; the former option is more suitable for long term use. Finally insert the small brad nails with the help of a tack hammer. Use wood putty to fill up the holes formed. After an hour, paint the table top with wood stain matching with the color of the table legs. Allow to dry naturally for an hour or two.

Step 5: Make your table ready for use

Apply the adhesive in generous doses to the legs and place firmly onto the corners of the table top’s under side. For better fitting, insert drywall screws through the 1x2 inch wood pieces into the four legs. Rub the entire table with the sand paper and apply a fresh coat of wood stain and leave for a few hours till it completely dries. Lastly, congratulate yourself for the success of the project and start using the bedside table according to your needs.


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